Indie Theater Now is Closing Down

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Today I have an important announcement about Indie Theater Now.

Indie Theater Now will cease operations on September 26, 2017. 

On Monday, September 4, 2017, we will stop selling plays on Indie Theater Now.

From September 4, 2017 until September 25, 2017, ITN users can read plays they’ve already purchased on ITN. Anyone who has available slots in an existing subscription can add new plays to read during this period as well.

Effective September 26, 2017, Indie Theater Now will be closed. You will not be able to read any plays or access any other information on the site.


We are proud to have been able to provide the Indie Theater Now service for our community during the past six years.

ITN is a program of NYTE, a nonprofit corporation. NYTE will be ending operations within the next year. Rochelle and I, who are the only staff at NYTE, are moving on to some new activities and interests. After 20 years working with the indie theater community — which includes some of the most talented and remarkable people we’ve ever had the privilege to be associated with — we are retiring from the theater business.

(Please note that, the other main program of NYTE, will continue to be online as a read-only archive for the forseeable future.)



  • Martin, sorry to hear this, but I hope it’s onward and upward for you. A few years ago you reviewed Freefall Frostbite and over the last few years we have workshopped it, taking your criticisms to heart. We are very excited about the reinvention running at Theatre 80 St. Marks October 19-29. We’d still like you to see it, so let us know if we can save you a couple of comps. Michael Fixel ,

  • Martin, it’s the end of an era. You and Rochelle provided so much value to so many people – it’s impossible to gauge how important you were to the NYC independent theater community. And I know how it feels to move on – it’s very bittersweet. Thank you for all you did for me personally and for Stage Left Studio.

  • John Patrick Bray

    Thank you for being our champion 🙂