Martin Denton, Martin Denton


If you work in Indie Theater you have two days remaining to see Martin Denton, Martin Denton. It is a must for those of us who work in Indie Theater. It is as much a tribute to two vital people in the community of Indie Theater as it is to the history of Indie Theater.  If you don’t work in Indie Theater – is a must see simply to learn how a couple of people with a strong interest in theater made a huge difference in all of our lives.

mdmdElephant Run District puts together a wonderful production. It is directed wonderfully and in the spirit of Indie Theater by Aimee Todoroff. The play written by Chris Harcum captures the story of Martin and Rochelle beautifully – and with a similar humility that the two share. The performances of Chris as Martin and Marisol Rose-Shapiro as Rochelle are wonderful. The two do not look like the people they are playing but after about twenty minutes into the play you feel like you’re sitting at lunch at their favorite diner or chinese restaurant hearing stories about how all of what is Indie Theater Now came to be.

This blog is for writing about the process of developing new plays through The Farm Theater’s College Collaboration Project. I’m writing about Martin Denton, Martin Denton because if  it wasn’t for Martin and Rochelle having lunch with me at the Broadway Diner in 2013 and suggesting the blog as part of the process – this forum wouldn’t be available.

I went to the play with Micheline Auger – this past year’s College Collaboration Playwright – whose play will be published by Indie Theater Now and include the cast from all three schools. I also went with Michael Puzzo – playwright of The Dirty Talk which Martin reviewed so favorable in the Fringe the play moved to an Off-Broadway run, Martin and Rochelle published it and shared part of it as one of the earliest podcasts.

Besides the snacks offered at the show – one of the joys of the evening was to hear all of the names and spaces that were mentioned along the way. Every person and place was familiar to me. They were all important to my experience of the work. To hear the names of spaces that no longer exist is melancholy. However, to hear your name spoken is an honor. It is an honor to be part of this community and to call Martin and Rochelle friends.

Because of Martin and Rochelle – I, and all of us in Indie Theater, have received reviews for plays that would have gone without critical notice, have had plays published, and interviews have been shared about our work and our lives. This site, these two, are the chroniclers of our time and our work.

There are two shows remaining tonight at 7:00 and Sunday at 2:00. I recommend you go see this play. If you can’t because you don’t live here – you’ll be able to buy it soon on Indie Theater Now – I recommend you read it because it is not only good – it is important.

Thank you Chris, Aimee and all for chronicling their work.

Talk with you soon.