Chris Harcum, Chris Harcum

Chris Harcum is writing a play about me called Martin Denton, Martin Denton.

So it seems only fair and fitting that I should write a blog post about him called Chris Harcum, Chris Harcum.

Chris is a playwright and an actor; he has many plays on Indie Theater Now.

red-rover-2One of Chris’s plays is called Mahamudra; it’s about–of all things–a theater critic. (Above is Chris as Roy the Critic in that play.) When it premiered at the Brick’s Moral Values Festival in 2005,’s Richard Hinojosa described it this way:

Roy is a theatre critic who has begun to believe all of his own BS. The power of his pen has transformed him into a real jerk. Roy proceeds to lay down all that he hates about the theatre, solo performance being at the top of his list. He harbors a particular dislike for a solo performer named Chris Harcum. After a tragic event, Roy is compelled to try is hand at acting. Before too long all his demons are chasing him in a sort of dream world: actors he’s panned, his overly critical inner self, and of course his nemesis Chris Harcum. In the end Roy completes a journey of self discovery and frees his mind of its burdens.

Speaking of theater criticism, Chris has engaged in some of his own over the years; from 2007 thru 2012, Chris reviewed shows for us on Unlike Roy the Critic, Chris never believed his own BS, at least not when he wrote for us. All of his reviews of FringeNYC shows on can be found here; check them out. (To make this even more meta than it already is, take a look at this review from FringeNYC 2011 of a one-man play by famous theater critic Jeffrey Sweet.)

Martin Denton, Martin Denton is coming to the Kraine in July; details here.