A Play Called “Martin Denton, Martin Denton”

I used to joke that one day I would do my own one-man show, at FringeNYC or someplace: an evening of theater reviews, delivered from the stage by yours truly.

Of course, that never happened–I really was just kidding. But thanks to the folks at FRIGID@Horse Trade and Elephant Run District, there is going to be a play about me at the Kraine this summer.


Wacky, no?

It came about one day last summer when Chris Harcum and Aimee Todoroff came down to the Jersey Shore for a day of R&R at the beach. We met them for dinner and, as we were chatting, one of them remarked that some of the stories I was telling about “the old days” (i.e., early days of FringeNYC and the indie theater movement in NYC) would make a good play.

Would I do a one-person show of anecdotes and reminiscences?

No way!!

And then Chris said: what if he were to write the play, and star in it?

Hmmm. I really thought he was kidding, too. But to my surprise… he wrote it. And now Martin Denton, Martin Denton is coming to the Kraine. (Get tickets here.) (Read about the production on ERD’s website here.)

Chris spent literally days with Rochelle and me, gathering information for his play. (And I know that he interviewed lots of other folks in the indie theater world as well.) Being asked questions about myself was fun.

Then came perhaps the weirdest experience of my career: reading the first draft of a play about me. This is something that few people ever get to do. It’s strange, untethering, surreal, amazing. Especially when you’re someone who has been seeing and reading new plays professionally for the past 20 years.

I think that some of what I have learned about the theater–and how to appreciate it–comes through in Chris’s play. That makes me happy.

So, now I just have to somehow get through 64 days of anticipation before Martin Denton, Martin Denton opens at the Kraine. I hope that I will get to see lots of old friends and colleagues when I come to the show!


  • This is such an appropriate tribute to your brilliant writing and dedication to independent theater. I wish I could see it. Congrats to the whole team.

  • Absolutely fabulous! I can’t imagine a play I’d rather see. What sre the chances of a video of the production so those of us in California who can’t make it to NYC will ne able to enjoy it along with the lucky ones actually in attendance? I’d love to read the script. So very exciting!

    • Thanks Bev! I will ask Chris about the video question, that would be so great! I am hoping we will add the script to Indie Theater Now eventually.