Your Program is Your Ticket


Sean Chandler, whose play At The Flash is on Indie Theater Now, has just launched a new podcast series about independent/fringe theater. It’s called Your Program is Your Ticket, and you can hear it on Soundcloud. The second episode just went up yesterday, and I am delighted to say that I am Sean’s guest on this 30 period audio-cast.

Sean’s a great host and interviewer, and I had blast having this conversation with him. We cover a lot of ground in the podcast:

  • What we like and don’t like about Shakespeare
  • What I consider to be my two greatest strengths in my career (see if you agree!)
  • Advice for theater artists who want to make sure they are doing work that’s important and relevant (a quote from a Sondheim lyric figures here)
  • Great discussion about current trends and technologies in the world of theater

I also got to do a few shoutouts to some wonderful playwrights and creators like bluemouth, inc., Taylor Mac, Saviana Stanescu, Qui Nguyen, and Chiori Miyagawa. The last three are mentioned in a section of the podcast about the importance of immigrants writing about their experiences for the stage. A few names I should have also included in that part of the podcast are Roi “Bubi” Escudero and Adrian Rodriguez (the links take you to the nytheater indie archive, where you can read more about these two folks).

Please check out the podcast!