Being in the room with the Boys of a Certain Age

From Playwright Dan Fingerman:

When we offered R. Scott Williams the role of Uncle Ira, he said that it would be a change “doing a play where the author isn’t dead.” I was a little unsure how to take that. Should I be dead? He later explained that he mostly did classic works where the author is long gone and that doing a new show with a living author was a real treat. As the playwright it has been a wonderful honor indeed to be in the room with this cast and team.

“Boys of a Certain Age” is about four gay Jews spending the weekend together. Their weekend is met with unexpected division and ideological differences as they navigate their own interpersonal relationships past and present. Despite the arguments and the barbs the characters all have a deep love and respect for each other and that kind of camaraderie can be difficult to fake.

After our sold out run at the Fresh Fruit Festival, the foursome were all eager to return and get back on stage with each other. The conversations I hear in rehearsal between the two generations mirror the gulf that’s happening on stage. Brian is helping his onstage uncle build his website, but really didn’t want to be paid with a check. R. Scott can’t believe Marc hasn’t seen Rocky Horror Picture Show. And Joe, who is not gay, amused us all with the story of the time years ago when he accompanied friends at the dive gay bar/sex club, The Cock (which he called The Rooster).

When working on a show it’s sometimes hard for me to spend a lot of time in the rehearsal room, particularly when re-writes and other items are needed, but I’ve loved being in this room. Watching our teamwork together on stage and off stage has been such a joy and I believe the secret to the success of this show.