nytheatre.com is back

Folks, with pride and excitement I announce today that the nytheater indie archive launches today. It’s online and live RIGHT NOW, at the old familiar address for indie theater in NYC — that’s right: nytheatre.com.

The archive database is perhaps a quarter of the size it will eventually be. Right now we’ve got:

  • Every review of the New York International Fringe Festival that we can find. That includes all 13 years when we reviewed every single FringeNYC show on nytheatre.com (2002 thru 2014), along with hundreds of reviews from all the other years (except 1997 and 1999).
  • Every review from 1997 that I can fin d.
  • Almost every review from 1998 that I can find. (A few more will be coming up very soon!)

Still to come: all the rest of the reviews, from 1999 – 2015. All the podcasts. Lots of interviews. And lots of supporting/contextual content TBD. The archive is a breathing organism and it’s just a baby at the moment. With your continued help and support, we’ll make it into a dynamic resource that provides permanent recognition of the remarkable body of work produced by NYC’s indie theater community over two decades.

Meanwhile, please check it out.

I’ve posted some screenshots on Facebook.

And please let me know what you think.


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