The Impact of Others

To a great extent all of us are reflections of the impact others have had on our lives. Praise, encouragement and love generate positive self-esteem while disrespect, disparagement and loathing create the opposite. And in today’s world there is perhaps nothing more damaging than the effects of outright bulling, especially on people who are young and still seeking their own identities.

Often the “bully” doesn’t see himself as such, but thinks he’s simply “being funny” or “just teasing.” And just as often this unwanted behavior is learned by the “bully” by having been bullied himself. However it happens, it isn’t without negative consequences and shouldn’t be tolerated.

My play Snap exposes the effects of long-term bullying on four former high school classmates, now factory workmates in their twenties. Most particularly it explores the consequences of the constant belittling and berating by one “so-called friend” on another in a confined situation with limited opportunity for escape.

Discover how finally, after years of despair, Charlie is able to journey from a life of isolation and loneliness to one with promise and renewed hope, and a mountain view. Check out Snap at Indie Theater Now.

  • Richard Warren, Playwright