Announcing Plays and Playwrights 2017

It’s time for our other annual announcement on Indie Theater Now (following last week’s announcement of the 12 most popular plays of the year)!

Yes, it’s time to share my selections for the Plays and Playwrights annual anthology. We’ve been bringing the most interesting, most innovative, most challenging, and most pertinent new works to readers — one way or another — since the millennium began. This 18th edition of “Plays and Playwrights” includes works about race, illness, justice, aging, the environment, and a host of family issues.We’ve got sci-fi… a play about chess … a play about a woman’s search for her birth parents… a play about a man who is trying to become infected with AIDS… and a play about three men who inspired the playwright in various ways. Plus we’ve got a trilogy about the life of the great social activist Emma Goldman.

The playwrights represented are (alphabetically): Suzanne Bachner, Laura Brienza, J. Julian Christopher, Zach Donovan, Mike Folie, Ayun Halliday, Christine Toy Johnson, Jessica Litwak, Derek Lee McPhatter, Sean Pomposello, Nicholas Priore,  and Don Thompson.

Here’s the collection.

This anthology, together with the most popular plays of the year and the 2016 FringeNYC collection, provides a terrific cross-section of what was happening this past year in indie theater.