ITN’s Best Sellers

As we head toward the end of 2016, I am happy to announce the most popular plays on Indie Theater Now during the past 12 months. It’s a grand, eclectic list — with several repeats from last year along with a number of brand new terrific plays. You can find (and purchase) all of them here. They’re listed in order of popularity right here:

  1. “So, I Killed a Few People…” by Gary Rudoren and David Summers
  2. Sister Cities by Colette Freedman
  3. The Ask, Dream Tim, Backfire & One Night Stand by David Lee White
  4. In the Bones by Cody Daigle
  5. Elephant by Margie Stokley
  6. Smoker by Bob Brader
  7. Not to Be Negative, But… by Jack Sundmacher
  8. Burning the Old Man by Kelly McAllister
  9. Magic Trick by Mariah MacCarthy
  10. The Demon Hunter by Nat Cassidy
  11. Out of Focus by Geralyn Cassidy
  12. Chatting with the Tea Party by Rich Orloff