What About Indie Theater Now?

As you probably know by now, we’ve just launched a new initiative here at NYTE – the nytheater indie archive project. We’ve been talking about it kind of exclusively for the last several weeks … so much so that it occurred to us that maybe folks thought we were not paying any attention to Indie Theater Now anymore.

Not true!!

Indie Theater Now is thriving. In just this past week, we’ve put theater companies from the UK and Chicago in touch with two of our playwrights about producing work they found on ITN. Sales are solid. Plays are being used in classes and for auditions. We have slowed down adding new plays since the FringeNYC 2016 collection went up — that’s to provide time for the launch of our archive project. But our flagship program, where we help people all over the world discover the best new indie plays, is plugging along smoothly as ever.

Wait, there’s more. We will learn and implement a variety of new technologies and software services needed to make the nytheater indie archive — the Microsoft Azure Search platform, for example — and as we do, we will be looking at how best to bring these technologies to ITN, to make it better than before. (This portends a busy and exciting 2017…and 2018.)

AND AND AND… one of the important features of the nytheater indie archive — one I am totally jazzed about — is that we will be linking the reviews and other archived material to ITN play pages where appropriate. (And probably vice versa, eventually.)  So the NYTE online ecosystem, which has always been dedicated to the proposition that it should be EASY and CONVENIENT to find and explore great American indie theater, will get that much more potent.