A relay that’s track goes deeper


I am growing to appreciate the College Collaboration Project more and more every day. There are so many pieces to it that are wonderful.

  • The play develops
  • The dialogue on the theme
  • The playwright develops
  • The students develop
  • The community participates in the dialogue

These are the top level outcomes. But there are so many benefits. It touches on many levels of growth and moments that it is hard to quantify them all. Especially when it seems like so much is happening all at once.
resized_20161111_120336Micheline and I just saw SUNY Brockport’s production. We had a wonderful time relaxing and walking along the Erie Canal talking about the script. Getting outside of NYC affords you the ability to relax – it also feels like it affords you time. Time to digest what was shared through the production.

I had the image of the project of being like a relay race. We leave SUNY Brockport – and the baton is passed to UWF. They will show us their exploration, the community will share their value. Our understanding and appreciation for what we saw before will expand and deepen. Our time there will afford us more conversation and thought on the text.
It is not a typical relay race. We are not racing around in a circle. We are building off of each other. Going deeper with each passing of the baton. It is a shared exploration. Not a race – a relay of building understimg_3174anding. And as much of my image of the project is that they are digging to learn and understand – it is ultimately creating a stronger foundation for the play, the writer, and the students. As UWF prepares for production Centre College
has their first read thru.

Everyone involved in the process is on the team. The team of the play. The team of the theme. How can make the script stronger, the artists that work on it stronger, and the community that engages with it stronger.

It is a true collaboration! Grateful for everyone that is on the team. Can’t wait to see what we learn on this leg of relay – and can pass on to the next!

Talk soon.