The Value of seeing the play in production – SUNY Brockport


Went to SUNY Brockport this weekend and saw the first production of Your Wings Have Eyes. The production was fantastic. The narrative of the play seems simple. There is a party and then an act of physical assault and then we watch how that actions effects the people involved. Not simple emotionally. But direct in it’s cause and effect. However, Micheline has put in the play some other elements in the play that enlarge the scope of the story. There is a chorus of ‘Hoodie’ by-standers that play or eyes and ears to such an event, a Skype scene which connects the event nationally – if not globally to others that have been victims of similar acts, and a self defense class that instructs women to be able to care for themselves as well as illuminate the need for the ability to protect themselves.

The play is reaching beyond the event and inspiring the conversation of what is our responsibility as a community. What consequences should there be? How do we protect one another? Hold one another accountable? What values do we currently place above the protection and safety of each other?

The element of the ‘Hoodie’ chorus, the Skype call, and the self defense class help raise this awareness of a cultural conversation beyond the campus conversation.

My thoughts when heading up to Brockport to see the play was to have the ability to look at the text and have the time to talk with Micheline about the play. I knew the student cast was invested in the story. I thought they would give a good performance. I was curious to see if those other elements worked, were theatrical, – possible to achieve, etc. However, what this productions proved to us is that those other theatrical elements not only worked, they elevated the story telling. The director, Frank Kuhn, and the designers, and the cast – all committed and so fully understood the purpose of those elements that they were brought to life in a way that they are not under question – they are things to be enhanced with detail – though the detail of this work was at a high level!


Notes after a very successful invited dress!

One of the main values of the College Collaboration Project is seeing the play fully produced. The value of this can not be matched in a ‘workshop’ in a rehearsal room in NYC. The commitment to the whole team investing in the work and sharing it with an audience – a sold out audience none the less – can’t be under estimated.

There is more to write about the excellent post show discussions. The partnerships with other departments and groups on campus that supported this project happening at the campus. But for today – I am grateful to the school’s commitment to the production and excellent work.

Talk with you soon.