The nytheatre indie archive project on Facebook

The nytheatre indie archive project has a big presence on Facebook!


If you haven’t liked it yet, I hope you will do that soon!

The Facebook page for our project is really important for two reasons:

First – it’s a place where the community can easily share their thoughts and ideas about the project. We want you to post freely and frequently on the project page on Facebook. Talk about what and nytheatrecast have meant to you over the years. Share your memories of when we first met you, or reviewed you, or interviewed you. Or when you signed on to become a reviewer yourself…

Second – because Facebook provides lots of resources for posting lots of different kinds of stuff – we’re going to make the project page into a kind of living, dynamic scrapbook of our past 20 years as part of the NYC indie theater community. Watch for never-before-seen photos and other goodies that Rochelle and I will be reminiscing about over the next few months, here and especially on the Facebook page!

You can do the biggest service to this project right now by (a) liking the page and (b) sharing it with everybody you know who is part of the indie theater community, not just in NYC but anywhere, and not just with artists but audience members as well! This project is for all of these people, and we want to wrap them in as soon as possible! Thanks for helping us get the word out.