The Archive NYC Indie Theater Deserves

My last blog post posed the question, What should we do with the accumulated material that’s been on our NYC theater websites over the past two decades?

We got a host of great comments from folks here on the blog, on Facebook, and in email. The most important thing we learned was that this material is important to a lot of people and needs to be preserved.

  • Akia of Rising Sun Performance Company: “This content is super valuable and really really needs to be saved!”
  • Erica Lauren Ortiz (an actor in indie theater): “[T]his content has tremendous value and may serve as one of the only consistent narratives of Indie theater.”
  • Cheryl King, actor/playwright/director/traveling artist extraordinaire: “I, for one, have reviews of my shows in there, and interviews. I’d hate for the source of my pull quotes to disappear. I bet a lot of other artists proudly reference reviews from both sites.”
  • Jacob Titus, director: “[A] wonderful record of theatre that gets very little exposure.”

So, the material will be preserved! As I suggested in my last post, this is a very large (I almost said “huge”) endeavor. But now that we’re convinced of its value, we’re ready to leap in with both feet and make it happen.

Today we officially announce the nytheatre indie archive project.


On November 14, we’ll officially launch our community campaign to make this project happen. Between now and then I’ll be posting here and on Facebook about what we have planned and all of the ways the members of our community can help us bring this to fruition.

What you should do right now is sign up for our project mailing list! That way, you’ll keep abreast of all the news and info about the archive project as it develops. (Don’t worry, we won’t email you more than once or twice a week!)

Check out our Facebook page, too (and join the 188 [at this count] of your colleagues who have already liked our page!).

And a final link: here is the official archive project website. Not much there yet, but by November 14 it will be loaded with good stuff!