New plays by Female Playwrights and ITN

Little Black Dress INK (LBDI) produces an annual short play contest for female playwrights, and we are thrilled that two of our past winning line-ups are available on Indie Theater Now! With our fifth installment getting ready to open at the Prescott Center for the Arts in Prescott, AZ, we thought we’d talk about why these plays rock our stages and why we love ITN!

Each year, LBDI’s Female Playwrights ONSTAGE Festival features new short plays by fabulous female playwrights. We structure each festival around a theme and let playwrights go wild. Plays are then peer-reviewed, with semi-finalists receiving readings around the country before a winning line-up is produced in our hometown of Prescott, AZ.

ITN has made it possible for these awesome short plays to live on together – and we love them for it! You can download the winning plays from 2014’s ONSTAGE Festival, Planting the Seed, from ITN right now which will give you 11 funny, weird, wonderful, moving, and off the wall pieces by playwrights to read and enjoy. Playwrights include Jessica Abrams, Jen Huszcza, Jennie Webb, Anne Hamilton, Brigitte Viellieu-Davis, Marla Dean, Sharon Goldner, Katherine James, Kay Poiro, Denise St. Pierre, and myself, Tiffany Antone.

Learn more about Planting the Seed on Indie Theater Now

(photo credit: Tiffany Antone – features Amber Bosworth and Karen Murphy in Anne Hamilton’s OFEM)