6 Reasons to Pre-Order Indie Theater Now’s FringeNYC 2016 Play Collection

The FringeNYC 2016 collection on Indie Theater Now is available for pre-order starting today! Why order the collection today? Read on…

  1. You save $$$ when you pre-order! We’re offering the collection at a VERY low price, just $20.16 — that’s less than half of the regular price of buying 33 plays singly on ITN.
  2. Your order shows support for new and mid-career indie theater playwrights. The authors of these plays possess distinctive and important voices that are ripe for recognition. They receive a royalty on every purchase — and for many of them this will be the first time that’s happened to them.
  3. You’ll be supporting two venerable indie theater institutions. Yep, both the New York International Fringe Festival and NYTE, parent organization of Indie Theater Now, started up in 1996. We’ve been partners since the very beginning, and we’re proud once again to bring readers the very best new work of the American independent stage.
  4. You’ll experience FringeNYC wherever and whenever you want. If you’re in NYC this month, don’t miss the chance to catch FringeNYC shows live! But if you’re not able to be here this summer, our play collection enables you to have the festival experience wherever you are. And of course the plays will continue to be in your digital library long after the festival closes its doors on August 28.
  5. You’ll get the plays first! Folks who pre-order the collection this month will receive the published digital scripts before anyone else: starting right after the festival closes, early in September.
  6. Finally, the best reason of all: THESE ARE REALLY TERRIFIC PLAYS. I’ve curated this collection personally and I am wild about these works. They include bawdy comedies and serous dramas, contemporary stories and works drawn from the classics, plays that focus on cutting-edge issues like money in politics, race, homophobia, and tension among religions and nations. FringeNYC plays always helps us understand who we are as a culture at this particular moment, and this year that’s truer than  ever.

View and pre-order the collection here.