What Should I See at FringeNYC?

That’s the question I get asked every summer.

Here’s a link to one set of answers – my “famous” How to FringeNYC 101 guidelines, which I first created 15(!) years ago for the opening of FringeCENTRAL in 2001.

And for some more specific suggestions, please go to the Indie Theater Now FringeNYC Event Page on Facebook.

Our brand new FringeNYC Event Page features direct links to info and ticketing for the shows in this year’s festival that I can wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend. Right now the list consists of the dozen shows written by ITN alumni playwrights — an impressive roster that includes: Michael Ross Albert, Andrea Alton, James ComtoisKevin R. Free, Max Gill, Steve Kaliski, Jesse LaVercombe, Ed Malin, Susan McCullyDaniel Reitz, Vanessa Shealy, and Kathleen Warnock. These folks are the real deal: experienced, proven playwrights who surround themselves with professionals and have pertinent and interesting things to communicate to their audiences!

Additions to the list will happen almost every day as I continue combing through and vetting the new (to ITN) playwrights who are part of this year’s FringeNYC. So please check back frequently (you might even want to subscribe to this Facebook Event page) to stay up-to-date with my latest picks.

No matter what you end up seeing at FringeNYC, be a mindful, open-hearted and active audience member. Leave your assumptions and pre-conceptions at the door. Let the piece do what it WANTS to do — don’t sit there waiting for it to do what YOU want it to do. Engage with the work. Be with the work. You’ll find that you’ll enjoy and appreciate it all the more. (And trust me, I’ve been seeing FringeNYC shows for as long as it’s possible to.)

Have a great festival!