Indie Theater Now at Rowan University

John Clancy is a playwright, actor, award winning director, founder/executive director of The League of Independent Theater and a teacher of playwriting at the College Level.  We asked him how he is using Indie Theater Now with his students:

I’ve been using as a resource in my Fundamentals of Playwriting Class at Rowan University this semester.  Each week I assign one of the over 1200 plays available there and we spend the first part of the session discussing it.

The students are enthusiastic (partly, I’m sure, because downloading ten plays from the website is far less expensive than buying any collection of contemporary plays out there), but more importantly because it allows them access to a universe of voices and visions, many speaking to and exploring their actual lives in a way Thornton Wilder, Tennessee Williams and William Inge, for all their collective genius, simply cannot.

One of the most exciting developments is the number of other plays, ones I haven’t assigned, the students are downloading and reading.  Once they see how easy it is, and since they’re almost always online, it’s become, for some of them, an expanding resource to experience the variety and depth of contemporary American theater.

John Clancy, Board Chair, The Independent Theater Fund
Executive Director, League of Independent Theater